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In front of the San Pedro de Alcántara beach, the Taberna del Alabardero Beach Club has a pleasant terrace to eat or enjoy a cocktail at any time of the day. In the garden area, you may also savor our gastronomy by the pool. And for after dinner, we have a chillout area on the boardwalk overlooking the beach.


Spritz 8,50

Aperol, prosseco and soda

Negroni 8,50

Gin, campari and sweet red vermouth

Bloody Mary 8,50

Vodka, tomato, lemon, perrins, tabasco and spices (salt and black pepper

Margarita 9,50

Tequila, triple sec, fresh lime juice and salt

Dry Martini 9,50

Gin and dry vermut

Mojito Clásico 8,50

Cuban Rum, fresh mint lemon, sugar, angostura and soda

Pisco Sour 9

Pisco, lime, sugar, egg white and angostura

Irish Coffee Tiramisu 8

Irish whisky, hot coffee, sugar and tiramisu fresh cream

Alabardero Daiquiri 9,50


White cuban rum, passion fruit syrup, fresh lime juice and syrup

Moscow Mule 9

Vodka, ginger beer and fresh lime juice

Mint Julep 9,50

Bourbon whiskey, fresh mint, syrup and angostura

Tequila / Mezcal Sunrise 9

Tequila/Mezcal, fresh orange juice and gooseberries liqueur


If you want another cocktail, we can make it, ask the bartender of availability, thank you.


Sangría Clásica 5,50

Spanish red wine, brandy, lemon, orange syrup and soda

Sangría Cava 5,50

Prosseco, brandy, lemon, orange, syrup and soda

Sangría Rose 5,50

Rosé Wine, brandy, roses syrup, lemon, orange and soda

Sangría Alabardero 6,50

Prosecco, white vermouth, passion fruit, lemon, naranja and soda

Gin Tonics Especiales

Alabargin 9,50

Premium gin, premium tonic and botanicals

Alabargin Rose 9,50

Premium gin, hibiscus tonic and red fruits


Coronel 6,50

Prosseco, lemon and fresh mint

Mimosa 6,50

Prosseco and fresh orange juice

Bellini 6,50

Prosseco and peach juice

Alabardero Royal 6,50

Prosseco and gooseberries liqueur

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